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Be proud! Be very proud! The True Bluesers have once again met and then exceeded expectations. On Sunday afternoon our Relay For Life team Captain MoonMaiden Horner was handed an award on behalf of the RFL True Bluesers For a Cure team. It is a Sapphire Award. This is a level that most won’t get to at the end of the Relay but our folks achieved it half way through.

It is a real testament to the generosity and caring that makes the Riverside community special. We may not be the biggest community but I would put us up against anyone. So thanks to all of you, Riverside staff and guests, for helping to raise 1.235 million lindens to this point. A remarkable achievement.

Captain Moonie with the Riverside’s Sapphire Award from Relay For Life.

We still have some great events coming up too. This weekend will see the start of our Celebrity Event. A series of Spring Concerts in the Park. These concerts will have the DJ and host putting on a tribute show for a specific artist. If possible they will dress like the artist and provide a biography between the music.

The list of concerts is as follows:

Ray & Delia – Jimi Hendrix – May 20th
Jordan & Possum – Dion – May 20th
Rinda & CJ – Eric Clapton- May 22nd
Graylon & Cay – Santana – May 23rd
Xia & Cay – Big Mama Thornton – May 23rd
Lolli & Charlie – Allman Brothers – May 23rd
Chevy & Host TBA – Etta James – May 24th
Xavia & Aly – Janis Joplin – May 24th
Foxy & TraCee – Keb Mo – May 24th
Dagger & Julie – Black Crowes – May 24th
Moonie & Rinda – The Blues Brothers – May 25th
Piffy & Vali – ZZ Top – May 26th
Mac & Piffy – John Lee Hooker – May 26th
Catrin & OnlyOne- Joe B. & Beth Hart – May 26th
Messalina & Kitty – Katie Webster – May 26th
Bree & Julie – Bonnie Raitt – May 27th

This should be a great time. We hope to see you folks for some or all of these events. Keep your eyes open. More concerts may be added.


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It’s always nice when you see positive feedback for the club. I was made aware of a blog article about the Riverside that showed us a in a good light again. It appears Moonie was the DJ when this fellow popped in. You can see Moonie’s name on the radio in one picture and I see Rinda in another picture. So I am assuming this was the Friday before last. Nice work ladies! You can have a look here.

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Last week, when I challenged MoonMaiden Horner to tunes at 20 paces, I had no idea this musical duel would turn into something way bigger than we could have even hoped. The original intent was to have some fun playing some contrasting music and to make a few Lindens for Relay For Life.

Moonie & Ray

The favourite Moonie "WMD" Horner and the challenger Raymond65 Docherty. Photos by Sinsaber holgado.

We did expect a good turn out because the trash talkin’ was going back and forth pretty regular and people were chatting about the battle. Facebook was busy with posts about the contest and it was being promoted as well. Then the Relay For Life people got involved as well. It all added up to lots of hype beforehand. To be honest, I was nervous. I haven’t been nervous before a show in a long time. I just hoped we could provide the kind of entertainment for which everyone was hoping.

Then before I knew it, it was Saturday night. When I arrived at 7 PM. Mac Ronas had a house full. He always does. (Following Mac is one of the best gigs in SL.) The thing is the crowd kept growing. We had over 60 avatars on the sim a few times during the set and over 50 almost the whole show. It was a sight to see. All of these True Bluesers at the Riverside to witness the musical brawl. Sage Allegiere was there to referee the bout. The crowd was hungry and wanted my blood. I was told many times Moonie was gonna kick my butt. I was starting to believe them. 😉

A full house in support of RFL. Photo by Greywolf Redyard.

A full house in support of RFL. Photo by Greywolf Redyard.


Then it started. I came out hard with one of my best punches. I missed but it didn’t matter. Everything changed right then. The war became a show of Riverside community. The crowd started donating to RFL like crazy. Soon, the battle dissolved into a celebration of music and life. It was really amazing to see.

Some people started telling about loved ones they had lost and the donations flowed even more. It seemed that whenever someone opened up a loss it touched someone else and they contributed a story or more Lindens. In all we raised over 200,000 Lindens or $800 US. An incredible achievement in two short hours.

RFL Kiosk

The winner....

We all have important people we have lost in our lives. Mine is Eileen. She was my best friend’s mom when I was a kid. She was the one that I developed my love of music from. She was always playing Ray Charles, Otis, Aretha and BB King. She sure loved those old soul records. I would like to think that after last night she was smiling somewhere.

Thanks to each and everyone of you. This will go down as one of the Riverside’s finest moments.

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